Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Assaults Obama And Friends Have Yet To Comment On

President Barack Obama was concerned about the Traymont Martin shooting because the kid looked like him.

That must be why he has not shown much concern for these incidents.

Mississippi State releases more details on Saturday homicide

Notice this passage:

Three African American male suspects reportedly fled the scene in a blue Crown Victoria.

Read the article

This was clearly a racially motivated killing. One can only assume the good men Jackson and Sharpton will stop by Mississippi since they are already in the neighborhood.

Then there is this one in which the perpetrators made racial comments during the attack.

Teen Set on Fire in Racial Attack; Media Silent

Read the article.

Hmm, that one happened about a month ago. That's the same response time as Obama and friends had on the Florida shooting. They'll probably comment on it any day now.

Come to think of it, they didn't comment on this attack either

Race War At Wisconsin State Fair


or this one



But surely he has commented on this right?

Race and the 'flash mob' attacks


I mean, it's happening in his home town.


cube said...

Don't hold your breath for Obama's comments on those crimes, Chuck. They just don't register on his race radar.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - Former President George H.W.Bush chose broccoli - as the vegetable to pick on - when he was the Prez.

Former President George W.Bush chose Iraq - as the country to attack and prolong the agony in - when he was Prez.

Former President William Jefferson Clinton aka Bill Clinton chose Monica Lewinski to have B*** him - when he was the Prez - so surely Barack Obama can choose any Black murder HE wants - as his token time to speak up - on this subject?

What do YOU think - Chuck

I could go on and on - President Harry S Truman chose Hiroshima &
Nagasaki to bomb the crap out of...

Fomer President Ronald Regan chose Russia for us to start bombing - in the next five minutes...

Do ya get my drift? Chuck?

The President of the United States is the decider.

Chuck said...

Cube, agreed.

Sue, you are comparing the death of two teens and the burning of another to Bush saying he doesn't like broccoli?

Did you get the point of the post?

There is a strongly established history of blatant racism by this administration.

-the case with the college professor and the police (Cambridge?). He immediately accused the police of racism when it turns out the professor was resisting the police.

-the 2008 NBPP voter intimidation case. The Bush administration had summary judgement against them and the Obama JD dropped the charges.

-the Shirley Sherrod and USDA case (google it)

The point is he only sees racism from one side.

I realize Presidents should be non-political when it comes to vegetables but they damned sure should when it comes to race.

sue hanes said...

My point is Chuck:

That President Obama has many things on his plate.

He chose to speak out on this particular incident - why I have no idea - but that was his choice.

Just as it is your choice to call him on it.

It's all about making our own choices.

I choose NOT to criticize him for this.

And if my comment seemed to you too simplistic - then maybe it was.

But when I made it - it made sense to me.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The double standards of the man are simply astounding. If he weren't black and a democrat, the media would have hounded him out of the White House.

Chuck said...

MK, dead on