Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The AP Reporting Just The Facts

I read the first few paragraphs of this article and then returned to the byline at the top thinking it was commentary by someone, Fox will often post these commentary articles. When I looked it was not commentary. This was a "news" article by the Associated Press.

Read the first few paragraphs and see what you think about it.

Could possible misunderstanding on ObamaCare cloud Supreme Court deliberations?


Always On Watch said...

The so-called Bronze plans are (1) priced out of the reach of some who are working, and I personally know several such individuals and (2) if mandated for individuals by the government, STILL possibly in violation of the Constitution if the SCOTUS rules in that direction.

In my view, all sorts of forces and outlets are lining up for a way to enable the Obama regime to still continue with making ObamaCare "the law of the land."

Chuck said...

AOW, the question remains - if Obama were re-elected, would the Dems ignore a SCOTUS ruling against Obamakare?

Z said...

Ah, so now if the SCOTUS goes against OBama, they "just didn't understand?"
My GOD, we are really getting into tough times with a president and followers who just won't take no for an answer, a president who horribly insults anybody who doesn't agree with him, a president who has a media totally in his pocket.
How do we fight this? Wouldn't you THINK even Democrats would start to see this and think "what kind of a man IS this?"

Chuck said...

Z, polls are showing that his support for the law is not high even among Dems

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I'm hopeful that the AP will have to report in the coming months about how high and far away the court booted the obamacare legislation out of their court.

Followed closely by how high and far away the American people booted obama out of the white house.