Thursday, April 5, 2012

Huh? - Again

I could almost make a series of these "Huh" posts.

Read this article.

Tyler Perry Pulled Over, Accuses White Cops of Racial Profiling via Facebook

(Admission - I didn't know who this man was until my wife and son told me. I still don't care.)

Two thoughts:

-We are getting to the point that police are becoming afraid of pulling over a minority because of race-baiters.

-How easy would it really have been for the police to racially profile someone with tinted windows?


Right Wing Theocrat said...

I don't know who this ass is, but he sure comes across to be a really whiny and arrogant ass to me. What, he can make illegal turns because he's black and special.

Sorry chump, they should have booked him and punished him. If you or I get pulled over, we don't get to escape because we think we're followed, why should he.

Chuck said...

MK, funny how soon we will be the only ones police are allowed to pull over.

Brooke said...

Sheesh. I can't wait until the crackas are the minority.

My husband got pulled over for tinted windows once on a car we bought used by a female cop. Maybe he should've cried sexism?

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I bought a couple of his
videos - and I thought they were pretty good.

Funny - and they have a good message.

Chuck said...

Brooke, maybe a lawsuit? I think we oppressed men should march. We could have someone like Arnold speak for us.

Sue, I don't actually care about his movies. Good actor or bad, he is race-baiting to get out of breaking the law. This is pathetic and sadly very common place.

cube said...

Chuck, I'm shocked at this post. Can't a black man break the rules of traffic? Can't a black man break societal rules? You're not being sensitive to the slavery issue and the racism they endure on a daily basis.

/sarcasm off/