Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stand Your Ground (If Your Black)

NAACP weighs in on what they say is a "Stand Your Ground" case against Jacksonville woman

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All of a sudden the NAACP supports Florida's stand your ground law.

Or maybe they are just a bunch of racists? Naw, must be different circumstances.


Always On Watch said...

The story at that link does seem primarily a case of domestic violence. However, once she was trapped in the garage, the event became a case of Stand Your Ground, IMO.

Again, we see with the NAACP's stance that Stand Your Ground is a-okay if the one standing ground is black.

Chuck said...

AOW, I agree that a spouse should protect themselves in a domestic violence case. Quite frankly if a man is beating his wife he deserves whatever he gets. If you read the article though, it almost seems as if this chick might be the aggressor. The hypocrisy is stunning though.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Exactly right always, if the victim is black and the person with the gun is white, they're not for it.

cube said...

Where would the profit be if race baiters, such as Sharpton and Jackson, stopped making blacks look at life through the prism of racism?

Shannon said...

Pardon the bluntness, but if you actually believe all this right wing bull-shit then you all are a bunch of idiots.
In the case of Trayvon Martin, a child was murdered for no reason other than he "looked suspicious" because he was black and wearing a hoody. He was unarmed, carrying his cell phone and a bag of skittles, and he was shot without a second thought. Trayvon was not dangerous and he never had a history of violence, but now he is dead because a man went against the police's instructions to "stop following him [Trayvon]". This was NOT self defense. This was a man acting out of fear based on a racist hunch.

Marissa Alexander's husband had a long history of abuse. He served time in jail for nearly killing her. She, unlike George Zimmerman, did not even shoot anyone, she merely shot a hole in her ceiling as a warning to her husband, who later confessed that he would have beat her if he had the chance. In this case, the woman was actually defending herself against a dangerous man who was attacking her, and no one was even shot let alone killed. Yet she gets 20 years in jail while George Zimmerman, the man who murdered Trayvon, gets out on bail?

If you don't see the injustice of this and the distinct difference in application of the law when the perpetrator is black instead of white, then clearly you have no IDEA what you are talking about and maybe you should read more or think twice before posting comments like the ones above, which frankly are just as racist as the "stand your ground" law has proven to be. Unless of course you actually mean to say that it IS ok to shoot 17-year-old black boys walking home late at night but it is NOT ok for a battered black woman to shoot a hole in the ceiling of her own home from a gun that she has a permit for as a warning to stop her abusive husband from attacking her and endangering the life of her new born baby. If this actually is what you believe then I hope none of you are ever in a position of power, because that level of ignorance does not belong in the 21st century.

The NAACP has every right to denounce the stand your ground law if it is used to defend a murderer and to support the same law that, which is still in place, if it can help defend an innocent woman who actually committed self defense.
Educate yourselves.

Chuck said...

MK and Cube, agreed

Chuck said...

Shannon, sigh. I would delete your idiotic comment but you did go through a fair amount of trouble to post it so I will respect that and respond.

First of all, there is no indication from the evidence to date that Trayvon was murdered. Most legal experts (outside of the NAACP) have attacked the prosecutor for her charges. The charge was clearly to placate the NAACP and get AG Holder off of her back.

A judge would not likely have given him bail if he thought the charge of second degree murder was credible.

If you read the article, the prosecutor alleges the woman was the aggressor, hence the charges.

Finally, most people that post here are very strong gun rights activists and believe in the right of people to arm and protect themselves. This is not about the woman's right to defend herself, I think most here fully support that right. The post isn't even really about the woman herself, she is effectively immaterial.

The post is about the hypocrisy of the NAACP in protesting a "white Hispanic" from defending himself with a firearm while supporting a black woman from doing so.

I find it telling in how you view these cases.

In the Zimmerman case all evidence presented so far has pointed to self defense, with no significant evidence to contradict it. Yet you call it murder.

In the case I posted about, the woman was convicted of aggravated assault by a jury. Yet you call it self defense.

Who really is the racist here?