Monday, April 23, 2012

What Do You Think About This?

I posted at fellow blogger Brooke's site, PaleoCon Command Center, this last weekend. Her post was about a painting inspired by the Trayvon Martin case. The picture was disturbingly racist and credit to her for being willing to expose it. Part of the side conversation was that it is going to be a long summer.

I think we are going to see a lot of rioting this summer.

There is a lot of unrest on the left.

There are racial tensions, largely because of the lack of jobs. This is especially ironic considering that they will not be rioting against the source of the lack of jobs, Barack Obama.

We also have not seen the last of the 99% idiots by a long shot. I think a lot of the mainstream turds in this movement have gotten bored with it and are back home with their wealthy parents resuming their parasitical lives. What will be left over this summer are the socialists, communists, and anarchists. These are people that spend their free time burning police cars, shitting on the front porch of law-abiding citizens, and throwing garbage cans through the windows of stores owned by people committing the heinous crime of trying to make a living.

These people are like cockroaches that have come scurrying out from under the fridge when the 99%'ers started in.

I think we will see rioting in Chicago for the NATO summit, rioting at both conventions, and just general mayhem.

We will see rioting at the drop of a hat at any slight, real or imagined.

As an example, wait and see what happens if George Zimmerman is acquitted. This is a likely scenario given the evidence presented so far. Take an emotionally charged case, have the professional race baiters of Jackson and Sharpton along with the usual idiots in Congress screaming racism, add the New Black Panther Party. Then have the man acquitted and we have the ingredients for a good old fashioned riot.

I have a different take on all of this though.

I think it is going to be harmful to The One. I think it is going to more widespread and violent than last year and the media will not be able to control it.

Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party have joined themselves at the hip with all of these people.

They have called the 99&’ers patriotic, which to them patriotism evidently means shitting on a police car.

They have not only shown strong support for the race-baiters in Florida but also have refused to ignore the public display of hatred and calls for violence by the NBPP.

Finally, we may actually see a sleeping giant in the GOP. There are several Republicans around the country, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, the leadership of the RNC, etc. that are willing to say the king has no clothes.

This is one of the main reasons we lost in 2008, an absolute fear of speaking out against Obama.

Yes, this is going to be a long summer but it may lead to a nice fall…

What do you think?


Brooke said...

I agree about the impending violence. It's going to be a hot, cruel summer.

I think this is why Obama glommed onto Martin, saying, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."

He NEEDS to build support with and work the black voting block into a frenzy. I feel pretty safe making the bet that the next supposed 'race crime' that comes along will see him doing the same thing, and all the way to November.

As for it leading to a failure for Obama? I don't know. He is going to everything and ANYTHING to distract from the economy and energy.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I agree except I am not certain he will be able to distract

Always On Watch said...

I think it is going to be harmful to The One.

I hope that you're correct in that assessment. The situation does look to be shaping up the way that you've laid out in this post.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"I think it is going to be harmful to The One."

I think so too, most people out there don't see themselves as racists and shameful like the left do. They constantly see Obama injecting himself into racial situations and he doesn't try to unite or bring people together. Instead he divides and makes the matter worse.

That's not what he portrayed himself as and people see it and are rightly concerned about it.

Chuck said...

AOW and MK, I think people are seeing just how divisive Obama really is. He is a racist. His entire economic policy is based on class warfare. He attacks the Tea Party (a group with appeal to a wide range of political ideologies) while supporting people that crap on police cars and porches of citizens.

I was watching Fox this morning and a political analyst, an adviser to Bill Clinton, said Obama was damaging himself with his divisiveness.

cube said...

I see the election of 2012 as a function of simple math. Are there more freeloaders than there are people who want America to be the way it used to be, i.e., a free market system where hard work is rewarded. Have we reached that tipping point?

sue hanes said...

Good post - Chuck.

I hear - They're rioting in Africa - so why should we be left out of the fun?

Thanks Chuck.

Z said...

"What do I think?"
I think this is THE longest post you've ever written :-) And that you should do that more, it's excellent.

I don't know about riots but it surely isn't out of the question, as you point out.

As for the GOP fighting Obama; I'm thinking we have a fairly good candidate and his WIFE, who's not afraid to speak out..and, as you say, Trump, Giuliani, Rubio, Ryan...I think a LOT of people are going to finally say the 'king' has NO clothes and they have to say it just right...
the media could be the wild card in all of this...again.

Chuck said...


"We're headed in the right direction. Unemployment continues to drop and those people who are unemployed, they're not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefits, cut access to food stamps, cut job training," Rep. Chaka Fattah (R-PA) said on MSNBC's Al Sharpton program.

(That should be a "D" behind his name)

This quote answers your question

Chuck said...

Sue, I'm not sure what that meant but okay...

Z, I think Obama is finally in for a fight. I do agree that the MSM is in the tank for him. The real question is will it matter? Time will tell.

BTW, thanks for the compliment. There are times I think about posting less often but put more work into it.

Z said...

Chuck, you were spoken to very roughly yesterday at my place and the person who did has major health issues and wrote this (also emailed me and explained what's up with him in more detail)
I just wanted you to see what he left at my place for you:

"My humble apologies Chuck. Was having a bad day & night."

I'm sorry, too, for it having happened at geeeZ xx

Chuck said...

Z, you never have to apologize. I have pretty thick skin.