Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama Solves Country's Traffic Problems

Anyone that lives in even a fairly large city knows that traffic snarls are a pain in the rear, especially if your car seat is not comfortable.

Well, don't worry. Not only has Dear Leader fixed our economy, racial climate, and world standing, he has cut down on traffic congestion.

 Gridlock eases in many metro areas

Read the article.

Thanks to Obama's economic and energy policies, we have fewer people needing to drive to work and those who do work are buying less gas.

What a guy. Who out there says this guy doesn't deserve a second term? I mean, come on, four more years of him and the few of us with jobs left will be able to zip right into work without being slowed down at all.


Always On Watch said...

If Obama were a Republican, the mainstream media would be excoriating him over this.

BTW, by the same reasoning that lack of congestion in traffic is a good thing, 9/11 was a good thing too. Pfffft.

Brooke said...

What AOW said! SHEESH!!!

I feel like we're beating a dead horse, or preaching to the choir!

Z said...

I live in L.A., and I'll take any improvement in traffic I can get :-)

Notice no mention of Los Angeles in regard to traffic.
By the way, when Obama comes here? It is HELL ...3 hour gridlocks. AWFUL!

Brooke.."preaching to the choir"...ya THINK? I feel like we're doing nothing BUT that and it's honestly getting me a bit down.

Chuck said...

AOW, agreed

Brooke, I'm okay with beating him

Z, we just keep plugging away

cube said...

We'll all be riding bicycles and carrying large packages on our heads if BO's policies take hold.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I hear ya.

But then I watch Mitt Romney and wonder if he is a good alternative.

He seems like a blank page at the beginning or the end of a book.

What do YOU think, Chuck?

Chuck said...

Cube, I have no hair to help balance the load

Sue, I think Romney is not the perfect alternative but are not going to get a perfect candidate - they don't exist. His ideas are a far sight better than Obama's and he will make a better President. Right off the bat he is not as narcissistic.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I suppose the amount of illegal immigration is also down, since there isn't any work to be found.

These are the bad problems, the good problems to have are - congestion because people have jobs to drive to. Not enough produce to sell to all the people wanting to buy it. Not enough people to build the houses people want.

Things like that, but the progressives don't get it, theirs is a sort of proud mediocrity. Sad really.

Alligator said...

"Right off the bat he (Romney) is not as narcissistic. - BINGO!

"...progressives don't get it, theirs is a sort of proud mediocrity."

I want to use that quote RWT.

DaBlade said...

Sadly right again Chuck. My recent $3 gas purchase was all I needed for the week.