Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oops, About That Whole Cherokee Thing


Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Massachusetts, has claimed for decades that she was of Native American ancestry.

Remember, liberals find being a minority important. They see everything through the prism of race.

Well, it turns out that not only may she not be a Cherokee, there is an additional twist.

Read the article here.


Z said...

how many 'great great greats' can you have and still be of that nationality/group and WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE ARE?
And where are the Native Americans as a minority who should be screaming from the rafters about this but never do when we expect them to?
This deserves a little push-back and they're silent now.

Ah, well.....she's a Democrat.

I think it's so cheap to use anything like this, anyway....did she really think she'd get votes by associating with any group?

Also, that Veil of Tears was dreadful, no doubt about that. We have so much to learn from Native Americans and the beauty of their art and folklore interest me so much. They shouldn't have been USED like this.

Chuck said...

This is kind of what I thought, she doesn't have much Native American in her.

Always On Watch said...

Democrat -- thy name is hypocrite!

A lot of people have Cherokee ancestry. A lot more such people than many realize as Cherokee blood "washes out" quickly when Cherokees intermarry with whites. I know this for a fact because my mother's family hails from East Tennessee, where there is still a substantial population of Cherokees and those with Cherokee blood. I suspect that I have some Cherokee blood as my great-grandmother's photo indicates that she did indeed have a substantial amount of Cherokee blood. But I've never tried to claim that I'm Cherokee -- never mind that so doing would give me some benefits provided to Native Americans.

Brooke said...

It really reminds me of Ward Churchill, if I'm not mistaken on the name...

Chuck said...

AOW, my great grandmother was a Canadian Indian. While I take pride in this fact, I've never had a real interest in using it.

Brooke, I believe the name is correct and the analogy certainly is.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I read about this elsewhere, good that the fraud was exposed but I wonder if it'll make any difference in the long run. Lefties lie all the time, their buddies are willing to cover for them and the media too so I wonder if the shaming of a few will deter others.

Chuck said...

MK, what is most likely is we will be accused of racism for mentioning it

cube said...

Like Ward Churchill before her, Warren's Indian name is Walking Eagle... an eagle to full of s**t to fly.

By The Shores Of Gitchee Gumee

Chuck said...

Cube, LMAO

Alligator said...

Hi Chuck, long time no see. Nice look on your site now. What does it take to be a Cherokee? There are three federally recognized tribes (This means they had entered into official negotiations with the U.S. government in the 18th or 19th century.)

Eastern Band of Cherokee: “Enrollment in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is governed by tribal ordinance #284 dated June 24, 1996 and restricts enrollment to the following: Direct lineal ancestor must appear on the 1924 Baker Roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Blood Quantum: Must possess at least 1/16th degree of Eastern Cherokee blood All criteria must be met in order to be eligible with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma: “To be eligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship, individuals must provide documents connecting them to an enrolled lineal ancestor who is listed on the Dawes Roll with a blood degree. CDIB/Tribal Citizenship is traced through natural parents.”

United Keetowah Band of Cherokee: “The UKB has a minimum blood quantum requirement of one quarter (1/4) degree Keetoowah Cherokee blood.”

A lot of people may have an Indian ancestor, but that doesn't make them an Indian. 1/32 is awfully thin and even if it is true in Warren's case, it does not qualify her to call herself a Cherokee or "Native American." She clearly was not raised in that culture and obviously cannot point to any living relatives in any of three Cherokee bands. She fails on criteria.

The only thing she left out of this fraud (yes, fraud) was to say that her grandmother was an "Indian princess." Cookbooks called "Pow Wow Chow" do not qualify as documentation for tribal enrollment.