Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walker Election A Portend?

The recall election is over in Wisconsin and Scott Walker has won.

The White House and the rest of the Dems are trying their best to spin this as nothing more than a local election. It has no bearing on the November elections at all.

While reading this, keep in mind that Wisconsin is a big deal for Obama in November. It has 10 electoral votes, not a lot but it could be huge in a close election. Beyond that is the notion that if they were to lose Wisconsin, then what else would they lose? Michigan? Pennsylvania? Ohio? Minnesota?

So they can save their "it has no ramifications" bit for someone else.

To the point though.

As I often do, I look deeper into the exit polls for signs of danger (or reward for us).

As everyone knows, this entire recall election was about Walker "busting" unions. He is the bogey man for the left. The unions despise him. Unions poured money and resources into this election like there is no tomorrow.

Guess what? According to a Fox News exit poll 38% of voters from union households voted for Walker. Not a big number by itself. Certainly not 51%, the magic number needed to win an election.

Keep in mind the money poured into the election by unions. The demonization of Walker by the unions over the last year or so. After all the unions have thrown at him, after they have spent a year making him the man who will single handily destroy unions in the US, he wins almost one in four union votes?

Now, take this race to Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, or any other pro-union state without Walker on the ballot. Would that 38% be 45% in one of these states?

Forgetting any other conjecture on Romney garnering a large portion of the union vote, do you think the unions can contain their members on a politician they have not campaigned so hard against for a year?

Think Obama can lose 38% of the union vote in one of these states and win it? Think he can lose many of these states and win the election?

Things are getting interesting.