Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did Some On The Right Sucker Obama?

Joe Biden has been making a real ass of himself lately. Noting new but he dos seem to be overdosing on the stupid pills lately.

He has been saying things that, even by his own previously established ridiculously low standards, have been idiotic.

It has become apparent that he is an embarrassment to the Obama administration.

It has also become apparent that he has become a liability in a year when the election is going to be close and depend on success in a few close swing states.

This has become even more apparent since Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Paul Ryan is the guy that has it together. He is smart, personable, crowd pleasing, and hand fishes for catfish.

Biden is the crazy uncle that you have over only at Thanksgiving. He comes and sits in the front room and makes everyone uncomfortable with his loony rantings and talk that is not appropriate for a family gathering. Everyone knows he's like this but they know he's crazy and they have simply suffered through the family gatherings over the years, relieved when his wife finally takes him home.

Anyone who does not believe that the Obama campaign was not making plans, or at least exploring the possibility of, dumping this nutbag is just as crazy themselves. The talk may not have gotten very far and not likely too far outside the President''s inner circle but you know it was there.

It does have to be noted that Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton met this morning at the White House. This is  significant in that Clinton is the target of the talk as to who would replace Biden on the ballot.

In comes Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani, etc.

They, and several others on the right, were openly speculating about and/or openly calling for Obama to dump Biden.

I was a little puzzled by this because it was not very self-serving. An Obama/Biden ticket would be far easier to beat than an Obama/Clinton ticket. Biden is an albatross where Clinton could be small advantage. I am not convinced Clinton would be a guarantee for a win. Basically, I see Biden as a bigger liability than I see Clinton as an asset.

So, why were so many on the right pushing Obama to drop Biden? Did they head Obama off at the pass?

Is it possible that having so many on the right calling for Obama to drop Biden was the one thing that made it impossible for him to do it? If he had dropped Biden after calls from the right to do so would Obama look weak? Would it just serve to highlight to the country that bringing Biden into begin with, and making excuses for him for 3 years, was a huge mistake? Did it keep Obama from pulling the old "Biden is too sick to run again" bit?

Finally, I could not help but notice that the calls from the right seemed...coordinated? It seems funny that after a long career of idiocy by Biden that so many on the right all of a sudden wanted him gone. Maybe the right is taking a cue from the left and getting on the same page?

What are your thoughts?


DaBlade said...

You know I thought the same thing (the right calling for Obama to drop Biden for Hillary as sort of a pre-emptive, reverse pyschology 3-card monty). At least as a possibility. After consideration I don't think there exists that much coordination. I think Obama would make this swap if Hillary agreed to it.

Always On Watch said...

I'll be reposting one of my essays tomorrow: "Joe Biden's Brain: Confabulating Joe."

BTW, I think your spot on with this comment you made:
Is it possible that having so many on the right calling for Obama to drop Biden was the one thing that made it impossible for him to do it?

Phill Senters said...

I fully agree. Biden should be replaced....With Paul Ryan.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, a guy could hope that the GOP had finally gotten it together.

AOW, thanks. Obama will never make conservatives look right

Phil, you don't like Ryan?