Monday, August 13, 2012

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

First, I should probably explain my absence. It has been a couple of busy months. I have had a 50th anniversary party for my parents, my sons high school graduation and open house, and I changed jobs. I could use any of the above as an excuse but it would not be honest.

To be quite frank, I got a little burnt out. I simply needed a break. This wasn't something that happened quickly. This is why I didn't post an "I'm taking a break for awhile" post. I did get busy and slowed down my posting. I realized one day I had not been doing it much. Then I realize I did not care.

I have missed talking to the friends I have made through this blog and have though of you often. I feel as if I am a little more energized now and will be back around.

Enough nonsense about me.

This article was enough to draw me back in

Biden Invokes Paul Ryan's Deceased Father to Question VP Candidate's Values

And I'm glad to see that Congressman Ryan likes his dad, too, and quotes his dad. I mean that sincerely. But my dad [had] a lot of wisdom.

Paul Ryan's father died when he was 15 years old. 

I know we have made a lot about Biden's gaffes and we will be here again. the man is complete and total idiot. One can only hope Obama does not figure this out before the election because Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. 

I wonder if there is a little something more here though. I wonder if part of the problem is that he is just a complete and total ass. I suspect part of the issue with him saying stuff like this is that he simply doesn't care. 

There have been articles lately about a forthcoming book that makes the claim that Obama hates Romney. Not just as a competitor but genuinely hates him. I have often gotten the impression that Biden seems like a jerk.

We have talked about the arrogance of both of these men, Biden and Obama, Is it too far-fetched that they really are nothing more than small, hateful men at the core? 

Maybe Biden's gaffes, such as this one about Ryan, aren't as humorous as we think. 


DaBlade said...

Chuck, I've been wondering where you've been. I absolutely know about the blog burn-out. When it feels like homework instead of cheerful therapy, it's good to walk away for a while. Your friends will find you again. Welcome back buddy, and good luck with all the changes. They just keep things exciting, right?

As for Biden, that's the first time I saw that clip. Like everything else with him, I'm sure it's just plain utter ignorance. That said, I agree with your entire take on the guy. No redeeming qualities there.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, thanks - it is good to be back. He is a creepy little dud isn't he?

LA Sunset said...

Remember, this is the guy that says we need to spend and borrow more money to cut the debt.

Z said...

not to lay on any guilt, but I was really worried about you and your family, Chuck, and I'm so glad you're back and all's well.

Biden...Obama...imagine saying what he said and not realizing how awful it sounded?
I'm not sure Biden is spiteful and mean or just plain DUMB. I honestly don't think he THINKS first.
We have to pray Obama keeps him in that spot though...he's the gift who keeps on giving to Republicans and I'd LOVE to see debate with Biden and Ryan!
Tho I think Biden will fight SO dirty.......

Z said...

I just listened...(had only read your post first)...
A. I think Biden's drunk again...listen to his speech

B. I think he didn't know Ryan's dad is deceased...


Always On Watch said...

You're back! Hooray!

If there is a VP debate, Biden will look ready for the nursing home in comparison to Paul Ryan. Hehehe.

Off to watch that video right now.

Always On Watch said...

Oops! Forgot to check the comments notification box.

Chuck said...

You guys are making me feel wanted (and a bit of a jerk for not updating). I did not expect to be missed.

The friends I have made makes the blogging less like a chore.

Z, drunk??? hmm...

AOW, Biden is toast in the debate. I wonder if there are two possibilities, Biden will be replaced, or they will have a "scheduling conflict" and be unable to have a VP debate.

Always On Watch said...

IMO, if Biden remains on the ticket, the debate will be canceled. No way will the Dems let Biden and Ryan face off!

I expect that replacing Biden is a serious consideration right now because Biden recently made two terrible gaffes.

Chuck said...

AOW, this is a good article about why Hillary would not accept

Always On Watch said...

I finally found time to read that link.

Yes, Hillary is shrewd. But how old will she be in 2016? 69!

I also note that she hasn't aged well while Secretary of State. I have to wonder if she's boozing it up.