Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Will Tampa Burn This Month?

I am genuinely fearing for the safety of the people of Tampa.

 As everyone knows, the RNC convention is in Tampa later this month. I am sincerely afraid that the city will burn. Look at some of these points.

 -The professional anarchy folks have been quite. Last year we had the Occupy idiots all over the country.

No one is around this year but you still hear bits from them. I believe they are lying in wait for the convention.

-The Occupy nuts have been given a green light by the Obama administration

Revealed: Emails show Obama administration told police to 'stand down' and not arrest Occupy protesters

Read the article

-The Democrats have been getting nasty, with no apologies.

 Look at Biden's recent "They're going to put y'all back in chains" insane rant and the refusal by the campaign to back off the remarks.

 Recall the 'cancer' commercial and yet another refusal to disavow a commercial that even people on the left are squeamish about.

 -Remember the hatred and bigotry on display by the left over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

 -Go back to the beginning and the refusal by the Obama Justice Department to prosecute the New Black Panthers for ethnic intimidation.

 -Now, check this out:


Michelle Williams, New Black Panthers chief of staff threatens the upcoming RNC convention in Tampa FL  


If this were a country of laws anymore, and our Secret Service wasn't a bunch of whoring morons, this crazy racist bitch would be in jail right now.

To the people of Tampa, keep the fire extinguishers handy.


DaBlade said...

Fire extinguishers first, sure. But also keep the barrel oiled and the powder dry. I can't help but think of the movie Patriot. I believe we may be approaching a similar period in our history, sadly. There is a lot of pent up frustration and righteous outrage in the heartland. Good folks, who's sons and daughters are the policemen, firemen and service people. These demented effeminate libs better think twice before throwing that match, obowma's martial law be damned.

Z said...

I read that Obama's told the police to back down on OWS people, too. If there are emails, isn't there ONE HONEST COP that would come forward with that? Or did Holder couch it in terms that seem understandable? He's THAT sneaky, the ... well, I hate to swear !!(a little!)

Imagine what might happen if Romney/Ryan WINS? This is the new America; the leftists will not sit for it.
Conservatives just lick our wounds.
WHat a difference, huh? OOps, I just read my friend DaBlade's comment! Cancel mine re conservatives! :-)

Brooke said...

Obama won't denounce Holder and he won't prosecute anyone doing Obama's dirty work.

Pretty nice how one hand washes the other there, huh?

Pass the ammo...

BTW, good to hear from you again, Chuck!

Chuck said...

DaBlade, I fear that if Obama is re-elected we have one hell of a problem. The left will be emboldened to run roughshod and the rest of the country is not going to stand for it. I see nothing short of a form of fascism for the next 4 years if we cannot defeat him

Z, I think there are honest cops but they have become so discouraged they don't know what to do.

Brooke, good to be heard from again. We have one hell of a fight ahead.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, the scary New Black Panther Party.

All six of their members going to be there?

Always On Watch said...

Oh, Lord!

I'm not sure that blacks are up for rioting these days. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't.

But the Occupods? Well, they are likely to try to wreak anarchy.

Mustang said...

Yes, Chuck ... there are honest cops out there, most of whom belong to unions. This country has never been in greater danger. We should wonder if we can any longer trust our first responders to uphold their oath to the US constitution, or whether their loyalty to their unions take precedence. As a case in point, it should concern all of us when SEIU demonstrated on the property of a Bank of America vice president, and summoned police refused to respond.

I do not believe we can dodge the civil conflict bullet indefinitely. This is my analogy: the longer time between earthquakes, the more severe earthquakes ultimately become. We may escape trouble in Tampa, but if we do then when that trouble finally arrives, it will be even more violent. When we can no longer have a political discussion without making up stories about dead wives, then violence is about all there is left. And by the way, this “perfect storm” is brought to you by Washington politicians —for their own purposes.

Chuck said...

Nobody can miss a point like you Ducky.

You are right, it is a small organization.

Two problems though

-There are a lot of nuts out there who follow fringe groups like this and can be incited to riot.

-It does not take a lot of people to do a lot of damage. How many people were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing?

Hate is hate. Unless it's coming from the left, of course. Then it's expressing discontent.

Chuck said...

AOW, blacks are not any more likely to riot than whites. Now shiftless, lazy, entitled, leftist POS are a different story.

Mustang, there are many good cops - I have worked with them. You are right though, there are far too many cases of cops looking the other way at union protests.

As to the civil disobedience, I believe we are in for a world of deep doo-doo if Obama loses. The crazies on the left are not going to take it well.

cube said...

I live in Tampa and I'm hearing a lot being said about riots and rampage during the upcoming RNC convention.

I hope the OWS turds realize how many people here have carry permits.

To further complicate the issue is Isaac's intensity ... the people inside the convention center will be snug and dry while OWS supporters will be outside in whatever Isaac dishes their way.

I guess only time will tell.