Monday, September 17, 2012

Military Experts Question Yet Another DNC Military Photo

First we had the Democrats showing pictures of Russian naval ships instead of American ships at the Democratic National Convention.

DNC tribute to veterans commits major oopskie


Then they were caught using fighter jets from the Turkish Air Force instead of American jets.

Fighter jets in Democratic convention’s military montage were Turkish, not American


Now there appears to be a new embarrassment for the Democratic National Committee. Seems experts are now questioning their picture of Armored Personnel Carriers from the United States Army.

I don't know how they do it. I find it amazing that these experts can look at a single picture and distinguish between different countries.


DaBlade said...

You, sir, are a genious! I can't stop laughing at this! But seriously for a moment, the only way we can be sure if this armored personnel carrier is ours or not, is to wheel it into a nearby embassy, leave it overnight and we'll have a closer looksee at it in the morning. Sound like a plan?

cube said...

Yeah, and leave the embassy doors wide open during the night ;-)

Chuck said...

DaBlade, thanks.

Cube, nice

Z said...

and as plugged into news as I am, I never heard ONE of these instances...
man, that says a LOT. OUr media's protecting the DNC so hard I can't believe they're not literally on the payroll.

Chuck said...

Z, I got it from Drudge. He's about the only one outside of Fox publishing news about O anymore

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I suppose when at heart you really don't give a rats ass about the military, you're not keen on getting the details right.

Shameful but I can't say I'm surprised.