Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quote Of The Week

“I don’t think he understands the Constitution of the United States…He’s the President of the United States. You don’t say, ‘you’ll get your chance,’”


Most will dismiss this as Matthews being the idiot he truly is. That's fair and certainly is not inaccurate.

Realize though, these guys believe this nonsense.

Leftists believe that anything Obama utters is the gospel truth and there has to be some law, man-made or otherwise, against questioning the comment.

In short, Obama is viewed as a mixture of a potentate and minor deity by many on the left and the idea that he is not offered the proper deference is offensive to them. 


Z said...

I'm not quite sure what Matthews meant by that quote..? And the link didn't help but I felt good reading the comments!
I do agree that they still look at this horrible president as the messiah.

Brooke said...

Tingles is off the rails, bat-shit crazy. I don't know how else to take him.

Always On Watch said...

In a debate, the opponents are supposed to wait their turns -- even if one of the debaters is the President of the United States.

What Tingles really didn't like, of course, is that Romney was scoring against Obama.

DaBlade said...

Life, liberty and the pursuit of leg shivers. Exactly.

Phill Senters said...

What offends me is that he IS the President.

Chuck said...

Z, no one knows what he meant

Brooke, probably the most well put of the 5 comments here so far

AOW, the tingle is gone I'm thinking

DaBlade, heh heh

Phill, good point

Alligator said...

Historically, all presidents have been challenged, some more than others, some on bigger issues then others. Some of the challenges were tepid and a president would get his way, other times he had to take a back seat to Congress or the Supreme Court. Our republic was designed that way so the president would not become king.

People that are not challenged or questioned in political office are usually despots and dictators or given time, often start down that path. Ol' Chrissy really challenged and questioned Bush, but then he didn't have the man crush on Bush that he does for Obama, so he will conveniently overlook his own hypocrisy.

The folks on MSNBC all seem to be unhinged anyway.

cube said...

This is so much BS. Where was all this Constitutional talk when Bush was president?

Chrissy Tingle would only be happy if Romney followed the Marquess of Queensberry rules of debating while Obama was allowed no rules Chicago thuggery.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

When you expel the real God and a real religion, something else always steps in to fill the vacuum.

obama will always be a hero and deity to the left, no matter how many of his failings are exposed.

They're like school girls and boy bands, part crazy, part stupid and can easily get out of control.

Chuck said...

Alligator, good points. As to MSNBC, fortunately no on is watching

Cube, it is amazing. These people don't even know what the US Constitution says

MK, agreed

sarah tera tit off said...

Our consulate was attacked with heavy weaponry and then burned to the ground. The American public knew from day one it was a terrorist attack. But we were told that it was just a protest that got out of hand. That’s what the President told us the morning after. And he sent his Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton another one who couldn’t lie with a straight face. And for some odd reason he also sent our the UN Ambassador and had her appear on 5 different Sunday News Talk Shows where she also lied like a rug Everyone knew it except the President that it was really a Terrorist Attack ala September the 11th. .
He also said the people who did it would be tracked down and brought to justice. Dear Leader has been caught in a historic lie that will certainly have very large consequences if there is still any good left in this country of ours. . This whole attack was blamed on a ridiculous, elementary school style video uploaded to Youtube in July. The administration LIED TO ALL OF US that this was the reason for the attack. Our free speech was assailed as the reason that our ambassador and three others were killed. You need to come out of your kool aid induced stupor and wake up. This IS Obama’s undoing…as it should be. He has blood dripping from his dirty filthy hands.
Obama didn’t protect them, plain and simple. Four Americans died because of his incompetence. He claims it was all because of a video because it fits his narrative that everything is fine in the Middle East. Our economy sucks and we look weaker now than at any point in history. You notice how he claimed the Fort Hood shootings were “workplace violence” even though there was intelligence he was in contact with radical Muslims? The administration wanted to be able to say there were never any acts of terrorism on Obama’s watch but that hope has withered away.

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