Monday, October 8, 2012


I have an 18 year old son who is just starting out in life.

He is going to college after graduating this year from high school and is joining the workforce. He has had a job at a restaurant for about a month and by all accounts appears to be working quite hard at it.

He also has a friend who is currently starting a new job.

Both of them had a hard time meeting all of the new requirements for a new job. Having to show proof of residency, show an actual Soc Sec card, etc. They are working at different places and in different industries.

I have not started a new job in 15 years and do not remember ever having to do any of this.

My question is, is this because of immigration laws? Are there new requirements for employment to make people prove they are citizens and therefore keep illegals from working?

If so......

why the Hell are we letting all of the illegal immigrants stay and work?

Are we really harassing people born and bred in the US, who are trying to work in this horrendous economy, at the same time that we are turning a blind eye to the illegals the above mentioned laws were meant to stop?

Finally, are others seeing this or am I crazy?


Anonymous said...

From Z at her work computer:

Yes, Chuck, that's infuriating, isn't it. WE are checked and checked but illegals are not.
Our laws seem to be working against us in many ways these days.....who knew?

Chuck said...

Z, maybe we are the "illegals" now huh?

Always On Watch said...

A friend of mine -- an RN for nearly three decades -- has decided to return to work to the same hospital from which she retired a mere three years ago. She's having to jump through similar hoops! It's maddening! And the process is taking forever.

Chuck said...

AOW, incredible she has to do this at the same job.

DaBlade said...

Don't forget the drug tests... I'll never forget getting cheek swabbed in the human resource office of the newspaper job I took in Wisconsin a few years ago. Not that drug tests are a bad thing. Maybe poll cheek swabbing in lieu of photo ID should be implemented.

Brooke said...

Chuck, you're not imagining it at all! It is beyond belief!

Chuckie said...

Being crazy doesn't mean what you say isn't true.

You have to have more ID to work serve food than to vote.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, I think I had to take a drug test 15 yeas ago when I hired in?

Brooke, sad isn't it?

Chuckie, unfortunately sometimes the people who serve food are smarter than half of the voters.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

It's probably because they're honest young men looking for honest work and willing to pay their taxes, obey the law and generally be productive members of society Chuck.

It's the way of the west these days, the useless sponging parasites are well looked after while the productive are punished in every little way possible.

cube said...

My daughters had to show their driver's licenses and their social security cards prior to being hired recently. Not too bad really, but when I had to renew my driver's license, there was no end to the documents I had to produce.

I remember my first job required a polygraph as well, but this was back in the late '70's. No illegal immigration problem back then. They were screening for habitual drug usage.