Monday, October 1, 2012

What Do You Think About This?

Much has been said, good, bad, and indifferent, of Romney's remark about 47% of the population not paying taxes.

I have thought about this remark and whether I agree with his analysis that these people will vote for Obama.

I have decided that while there is merit to what he said, as with most things like this it is an over-simplification.

The group is comprised of a wide range of people. Among them are the elderly living on fixed incomes, the entitled class, the working poor, college students, etc.

Obviously the entitled class belongs to Obama. They are definitely going to vote for the one that gives them the handouts.

The working poor is a mixed lot. A lot of them are decent hard-working people who for varying reasons do not make a high income. Some of this is self-inflicted, some of it is from a life time of bad breaks.

They have one thing in common though, they want to make more.

There has been much debate about the effectiveness of the class-warfare practiced by Obama and other liberals.  A strong argument has been made that many among the working class and middle class do not buy into the class warfare bit. The argument is that they do not begrudge the wealthy their income, they envy it.

I think their vote is a little less reliable for Obama. A lot of this will be determined by how they view their path to a better life. Some will see this through self sufficiency and will see the danger in the entitlement class. Some will see the government as their savior. These will definitely vote for Obama.

The elderly are another group that is not real reliable for Obama but for different reasons. They are not primarily part of the entitled class, often their money comes from social security.

As an aside, I want to speak briefly of social security. There are some who consider it an entitlement. While I  do not like how it is administered, it is not an entitlement in my opinion. In my mind this is my money and I want it. I have worked for 30 years now paying into it and will work another 10 - 15 before I collect.

These people have a vested interest in us moving away from an entitlement economy. Many of them are smart enough to know that we cannot sustain our economy by paying out to so many who do not in turn contributed to society. They have spent a lifetime budgeting and know you cannot survive for long paying out more than you take in.

Their vested interest in moving away from entitlements lies in their children and grandchildren. They are at a point in their lives in which they have enjoyed what the US has had to offer. They want their descendants to have the same opportunities they had. In fact, most want those who follow them to do better.

Many of them are not going to see Obama as the answer to this.

Finally there are the college students and newly graduated.

The college students are not paying taxes because many of them simply do not work enough due to the pressure of college.

This group traditionally has been a fairly reliable voting bloc for the Democratic Party. Many of them are still idealistic. They have not lived long enough to see the destructive powers of an entitlement culture. They are, quite frankly, brainwashed by the indoctrination of today's public schools and universities. They are spoon fed the notion that we need to provide for all, whether they are willing to provide for themselves. They are taught it is only fair.

They are not a lock for the Dems this time around though. Many of them are becoming disillusioned by the persistent gloomy outlook after college under Obama. They see friends who have graduated recently that are not finding work.

They are not likely going to rush out and vote for Romney but they are also not feeling the thrill this time around. Obama is not stirring this group as he did in '08.

Finally, the other half of this group, the recently graduated. They are not a reliable group for Obama either. They are a part of the 47% because they cannot find work or are among the segment of the population that is underemployed.

Many of them voted for Obama in '08 but are realizing that the man they voted for then was full of empty promises. The world they are going into out of college is not the world Obama promised them when they voted last time.

Now we could argue all day if any or all of the above should pay taxes. That is not the point of this post. The point is to discuss the merits of his statement.

While I tended to agree with what seemed to be the sentiment behind the comment, I cannot agree wholly with it.

I take exception on two fronts.

One, I think some of the people he grouped together where maligned unfairly. I think there are good people in the group who want nothing different than the rest of us, to make a decent living and be left alone to live our lives.I also think they are not the mindless Obamamots he attempted to portray them as.

Second, I think he attacked the wrong group. Level of taxation is not the real root of our problem, we all want to pay fewer taxes. The problem we have is the notion that people are entitled to a living, health care, a phone, etc, regardless of their willingness to earn it.

Mitt Romney should have left the 47% alone and gone after the entitled among them and their enablers in government instead.



Anita Davis said...

Romney some how must talk about this latest disaster in Libya. It should have been brought to the public’s eye as well as to our congress people every other leader in Washington a long time ago, and yet it’s being silenced. .. Im tired of them only worrying about their own re-election and how the liberal media is gonna react. Its time to DO the job you are running for constantly, and quit talking about how good you Senators, Congressmen and Women, Representatives all are. This is how we got the phony in the White House to begin with. Its time to quit playing politics, and get to the bottom of this. It was Obama’s fault that al Qaeda got these weapons , which they used to blow up our consulate and kill our ambassador. So what else would he do but lie about it! And Romney needs to make that clear. Obama is lying and the Media is once again not doing it's job and reporting on this scandal. Nothing is being reported by the network newscasts, morning or night.
Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are both a compulsive Liars.
People are dead and Obama is getting a free pass. Any Republican president would have been crucified for this by now.. But I'm not holding my breath.

The Views Of A Tea Party Member said...

It's been almost years since Obama became president and NO, I’m NOT better off than I was 4 years ago. I m makng less than I was then, My home value has fallen since then, and my wife is out of work. But I’d bet that Barrack and Michelle are a lot better now than they were then.
Look, here’s the story. I'm just sick and tired of our side taking the "High Road" and being Mr. Nice Guy. That path only takes us to defeat.

For example, Romney keeps talking about how Obama is really a “nice guy” who just doesn’t understand how the economy works because he has no private-sector experience.. NO Mr. Romney,
1) he is not a "Nice" guy.
2) if he keeps saying things like that then HE don't know how politics works!
Romney has to go on the attack and not play Mr. nice guy.he won’t win that way
He must speak about the Embassy attack, and in Biden’s “chains” comment , and on the failing economy, entitlement spending and on how Obama is dividing us.
Obama never been a "nice guy". He's been a liar, fraud, and a racist, a communist, conman, and tyrant, but never a nice. guy..
Politics can be an ugly game. Unfortunately, taking the high road doesn't win as many elections as getting down and getting on the attack.
Obama and his team of tyrants including Harry Reid has essentially called Romney a murderer, and a crook, and a felon,, Is taking the High Road going to negate that?
Reid, Pelosi, Axelrod and especially Obama are the most vicious, dirty, lying , stealing, thieving, thugs, and tin-horn Dictators that have ever existed in American Politics. You have to fight these people with everything you have,
with this Embassy cover-up and with Fast and Furious to start. That’s how you deal with thugs like them. If Romney makes this campaign purely about who's a better person....he loses. Period!

DaBlade said...

Romney's 47% comment was an off the cuff statement made to donors at a fundraiser and all he was saying is that his platform for lower taxes wouldn't draw those folks. He didn't say he was discarding them, nor that his policies wouldn't be the most beneficial to those in that group who want to better themselves. I think you did a great job breaking that down. The Obamaphoners are beyond help though, and most will be playing with a free phone app on November 6 and not make it to the polls. Their minutes are almost up.

Chuck said...

Welcome Anita and Tea Party Member

Bottom line is that Romney will lose this election if he does not take off the gloves. This would be sad because the election is Romney's to lose.

The GOP has always had a problem with worrying too much what the MSM says about them. The media will make stuff up if they are not doing anything wrong so they may as well dive in head-first and kick some ass IMHO.

DaBlade, thanks.

"Their minutes are almost up." LMAO

Sergeant D Honored Veteran said...

Please stop talking like we are already defeated! If you folks cant support Mitt Romney why don`t you just go ahead and vote for Obama? Because, that is exactly what you are doing and I can`t believe that you are so dumb that you don`t believe Romney is better than Obama is and will not support him. If you can’t talk like you want him to win and have the confidence that he will win then just give up and get the hell out of the way. You truly sound like you are a idiot! Remember Ross Perot!!!
Romney wasn`t my first choice either but He is so much better than Obama that is isn’t even a contest. All I am saying is don't under estimate Romney, and give him your support. Or would you rather Michelle Obama be telling us what we should eat for another four years? We are in the middle of the Great Obama Depression. Unemployment is staggeringly high. Gas prices have doubled under his watch. The Middle East is in flames thanks to Obama’s policies, and what we just saw in Lybia should be more than enough to get him out of the White House once and for all. Ans as Clint Eastwood said a at the Convention “When someone isn’t working out, you have to let them go.” The Middle East is going up in flames and Barack Obama does not have the time to meet Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to the UN few days ago. He has more important obligations like going on The Late Show with David Letterman, and on The View.. .
I don`t like what the GOP did but We have to stick together and go with what (who) we have! Obama and Biden, Hillary, Pelosi,and Reid are pathetic serial liars and are advocating the destruction of everything this country was built on.
They are horrible people and an embarrassment to this country
Looking ahead to 4 more years of blaming Bush, bowing down to the Arabs, spending your money if you have any left? Or how bout spending most of what you make on filling up the car just to have less income left so you can stay at home. Anybody ever herd of freedom? Or freedom of speech and freedom of choice? It may come to a surprise to most people but you have less of it now then at any time in your life. Name one thing you can do without a permit or license or Government Permission ? License to drive? license to hunt or fish? Social Security Number without that how or where would you be allowed to work ever think about that? People do not think because they let others do that for them and this is how you loose control over your decision making. New York now has a limit on soft drinks School Lunches are now controlled by the Government who is Michelle Obama in case you didn’t know it. When are People Going To Wake Up? We will not lose the election because of Barack Obama and the idiots in his administration . We will not lose the election because of the fact that we can not even unite around our own candidate. And if you can’t even do that, then get the hell out of the Republican Party and join the libertarians where you belong. And vote for Ron Paul the other nut job. Good Bye! Good Riddance!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

You're right in that he should be focusing on the entitlement group. That's who most of us don't want to become but will become thanks to the likes of obama. The future of your children depends on who is leading the country.

Z said...

Chuck, I think he picked a number and broad-stroked like all of us do to make a point.......he can't say "..except THOSE people, and THOSE people..and"

I think that 47% ARE going to vote for Obama and there's a reason for it..........Obama's giving them freebies if he can.

As for 'Romney's to lose'...not so sure. But have you heard rumors that they're muzzling Ryan? I nearly fell off my chair. Thankfully, soon after I heard that, suddenly I was hearing coverage of Ryan again and he was picking up steam, but WHERE HAS HE BEEN? Not much of him in the news, you have to admit.

Can't WAIT for the debate THursday night. Honestly, I'll cry if they don't let Ryan really put the screws to Biden and the Obama admin.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed.

Z, I think the VP debate is going to be horrific. I think Ryan will smack him around.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Chuck! You think that's "horrific"? I call it MARVELOUS :-)

(I know what you mean, had to tease you)