Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yet Another Pathetic News Article (with a theory)

47 of your pro-voting arguments

Read the article

47 arguments? not 40? 45? 50?

Could the fringe media get any more pathetic?

Was choosing the number 47 a coincidence? Yeah right...

I have had this thought recently.

Is it possible part of the Obama slide/Romney rise in the polls is from backlash against the media?

The far left media has been in the tank for Obama and the rest of the Democratic party for years (read decades).

This is obvious.

This year though we have seen the media become increasingly unhinged. Since the polls have been turning against the anointed one and in Romney's favor the media has gone completely insane.

There is one article on Drudge that contains a fairly long list of MSNBC morons attacking Romney for collecting goods for the hurricane victims.

So the question is, is it possible the media is driving voters to Romney?

The public is souring on Obama and his attacks. Is it possible the media is helping this?


Z said...

You won't be surprised to know I've been thinking that exact thing lately, Chuck (seeing that we post the same thing so often!)...

I really DO think there's a tiredness of the so-apparent bias of the media; Americans are fair at heart and I believe they're seeing something's very wrong and they don't want anybody to tell them how they should be thinking...
I also am seeing celebrities come out for Romney more and more and wonder if REPUBLICAN isn't the NEW COOL!? I HOPE SO!! :-)

DaBlade said...

The new cool!? I like that Z, and I hope so. I have no idea how the herd will go, but there is no question the media is "totally invested" in obama, as Rush likes to say. I have something to add to the list though:

#48) It's my way of punching obama in the face while at the same time giving a thumbs up to the new Mr. Cool, Mitt Romney.

Ducky's here said...

Mr. Cool? Are you serious.

The scam hurricane donation photo-op was almost as good as Ayn Ryan washing dishes at the food pantry after the kitchen had closed and cleanup was finished.

Such a parcel of Rogues.

Vote Romney: He made the bobsleds run on time

Chuck said...

Z, remember the conservative youth movement under Reagan? We could see this again.

DaBlade, there you go - messing up their 47% theme.

Duck, almost as good as Obama's studious look in the situation room. Name one thing O has made run on time?

Brooke said...

I think that the average, non-zombified American is truly starting to sour on the obvious bias of the MSM... Whether that bias is naked or though omission.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I certainly hope so, the media in the western world have a lot to answer for and any bit of justice coming their way is good for me.

Alligator said...

Right Wing Theocrat - I've had the same sense that perhaps some kind of judgement is about to befall the mainstream media. Mistakes and oversights are one thing in reporting and being human beings, reporters and editors are always going to have a degree of bias. However, deliberately suppressing stories, the double standards of not vetting the "Ds" with the same intense scrutiny as the "Rs" is just getting to be too much. It begs for justice.

cube said...

As the jourOlists in the MSM refuse to investigate democrat malfeasance, then they're making a case for the country to only vote for republican candidates.

LA Sunset said...

//Name one thing O has made run on time? //

The printing presses at the U.S. Mint.

Chuck said...

Sorry all, I have been busy with work.

Brooke, MK, and Alligator. I think the MSM was the real loser in this election. Fox News drew more viewers than CBS and almost as many as NBC and ABC. The fan base for CNN and MSNBC are now not much more than the family and friends of it's staff. Every left leaning print publication is down, most drastically, some failing. People are waking up to the bias.

LA, funny. The one thing he can do is print (or borrow) money.