Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fed Up

I have been largely absent for the last few months.

Some of this is because of starting a new job.

Most of it though is because I am simply fed up.

The election yesterday capped it for me but it has building for awhile. The media is so far in the tank for Obama and the rest of the far left that there is no real chance of a Republican getting elected.

Mitt Romney ran a fairly good campaign. Not perfect but good enough to win IMHO. He never had a chance.

Part of this was from the attacks from the left, usually inaccurate, always parroted by the media.

The large part of it though was the media working as part cheerleader for Obama, part shield.

This was no more evident than in the two most important recent events.

Sandy. Contrast the coverage of Katrina-Bush v Sandy-Obama. People are suffering on the East Coast. They are going without sufficient safe drinking water, fuel, etc. Yet the country thinks Obama is doing a bang-up job.

Why? He went to New Jersey for a photo-op and then back to the campaign trail.

Then there is Benghazi. We have never had an incident of terrorism so badly f'ed up on as many levels as this  one. Yet again, Obama gets high marks.

What has me really sour today though is the obvious and wide spread cheating yesterday and the lack of response by the Republicans.

We had:

-The New Black Panther Party out again.

-A poll worker in Chicago wearing an Obama hat.

-A gym voting place with an Obama mural behind the booths.

-A voting place with a picture of Obama on the wall.

-Allegations of unions in Nevada pushing illegals into voting.

-At least two incidents in which fathers of adults in group homes complaining Democrats took their daughters to the polls and "helped" them vote for Obama.

-70 Republican poll observers chased away from the polls in Philly, one woman literally assaulted in the process.

-A Republican poll observer threatened with gun violence in Detroit.

-18 people registered to vote at addresses that are in a large field in Cleveland.

-NAACP officials taking mover a polling place in Texas. Moving people up in line. Openly campaigning for Obama.

-A Republican Senate candidate for New York being told she was supposed to vote for the Democrats by a poll worker.

-The usual dead, illegals, prisoners registered to vote.

Today Republican officials act like this is just another day. None of this happened. Now I realize Holder is corrupt and will not investigate any of it but where are Republicans?

(Note: I did not link to the above because it would take way too much time although I assure everyone they all happened. Google the incidents and you will see them).

I'm done. I'm not necessarily giving up, my nature is to fight if there is a reason. I just don't see a reason. The fix is in. The game is done.

I am keeping my blog in case I change my mind. Further, I will likely have an occasion to post something.

I will try to make some rounds now that my life is settling down a bit. I apologize for not coming around. I genuinely enjoy the friends I have made and cannot imagine losing contact altogether.

I am working on another project more for fun than anything. If I do develop it, I will let you know. It may be ready in the next couple of days if I do it.

So long for now and thanks for stopping by, I have enjoyed the company.


Dave Miller said...

Chuck, at least in Nevada, there is nothing to fix and was no voter fraud.

A group from one of the Carolinas alleged that two people were illegally registered to vote... out of how many?

The Secretary of State, as he did when Tea Party darling Sharron Angle made an unfounded accusation after she lost to Harry Reid, said the election was clean, fair and well run.

At least that is what FOX News Reno reported.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

One very important reason for the loss was the shift in mindset of the voters. i don't blame the recent events, they've had 4 years to see obama in action, they chose more of it.

Sad but it is what it is, your country cannot come back from this. Take care Chuck.

Chuck said...

Dave, Ross Miller is a Democrat. Excuse me if I don't take his word for it. Especially considering he decided all was well only two days after the election. Only Eric Holder could do an "investigation" quicker. Also, ACORN was quite active in Nevada weren't they?

MK, thanks and I agree. After all that was known, it says a lot about our country that O could be re-elected.

DaBlade said...

I'm with ya brother!

cube said...

Sadly, there are more of them than there are of us. There will be hard times ahead for our country. Hate to see you drop off the radar... maybe you'll reconsider in time. Keep in touch if you can.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, thanks

Cube, I probably won't go far it will just be very infrequent (I actually wrote one to post tomorrow). Thanks for the sentiment though.