Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Death By PC

The shooting of the school children was one of the most horrific events I have ever seen. Keep in mind I watched the planes crash into the WTC towers on 9/11 and have spent the last 9 years of my life working in an inner city ER. I have seen all manner of depravity done to humans, including children.

It has also followed the typical pattern of the left screaming for gun control. Being that this was mostly children, the left was in rare form on this one with Mayor Bloomberg in front of a camera while the victims were still dying.

We have even had at least one Congressman say we need to take advantage of these deaths and one thoroughly repugnant British journalist wants us to tear up the US Constitution.

The icing though was the latest outrage from the professional groups for Psychiatrists and mental health professionals over comments made by the NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.

In his recent comments he has called for armed guards in schools and for us to pay more attention to the mental health system.

His comments were a little inartful, calling the shooters lunatics, etc.

While he is right in that it takes a lunatic to commit such an act, using words like lunatic, monsters,or insane do not help move along the national conversation and makes him look like a loose cannon. In my opinion he could have made his case better if he had stayed away from incendiary words such as this.

With that said, what the APA and other groups did next was considerably more dangerous. They came out and attacked LaPieere and made clear that any conversation about the mentally ill and crime was out of bounds.

They took exception with the caricature (a slight mostly imagined on their part) that the mentally ill are psychopathic killers.

It is a common misconception that the mentally ill are dangerous. Some can be, of course. This is no more evident than many of the recent shootings, Connecticut, Colorado, Virginia Tech, Tucson, etc. A common theme is that all had a history of mental illness.

This does not mean however that the mentally ill are prone to violence. A small minority does not constitute the whole. For the most part the mentally ill are victims of violence instead of the perpetrator. They are often victims of domestic or care-giver abuse, sexual assaults, robberies and scams, and even murder.

So the outrage by the mental health advocates is not entirely misplaced, just inappropriate and misdirected.

What we are seeing from them is an absolute refusal to even discuss the issue of mental illness and violence. They are not only not refusing to discuss the notion but are ridiculing anyone who brings it up.

Why is this dangerous? They have made it politically incorrect to speak of such things. The media will now be cowered into submission. Leftist politicians will trip over themselves to be clear that some of their best friends are mentally ill. Finally, spineless Republicans will slink away and not speak of the matter for fear of being labeled insensitive to the mentally ill.

This is dangerous because the very conversation we need to be having now is about the mental health system and why it is failing us so miserably. We need to be discussing why these guys keep slipping through the cracks.

The "experts" who are attacking LaPieere need to take a good long look in the mirror. It is not the NRA that caused this mess in our mental health system, it is the members of the APA and other groups. Instead of having an adult conversation and getting these people the help they need, we will attack anyone who dares speak of it and cow them into submission.

This is becoming a far too common theme in our society. Terrorism is virtually non-existent anymore for fear of offending the Muslims. Illegal immigration is now a a matter of documentation and nothing more. To insist otherwise is racist.

We do not have conversations about terrorism anymore so we are under threat of dying. We cannot talk about the illegals anymore so our economy is in ruins. Now we have to pretend that some people who are highly psychotic, off meds, and being incompetently managed by a system that is broken are not a threat to us. So, we will continue seeing these attacks.