Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear (Your Name Here), I am Sorry For the Loss....

Just when you think Obama can get no lower, he does something that shows there is always more down. 

Obama Honored Fallen SEALs By Sending Their Parents a Form Letter Signed By Electric Pen


I think it is fair to ask if the man has a soul at all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Is The Democratic Party Now



The title of the article pretty much says it all. I strongly recommend you read the article.

Basically, the DNC is hosting a 2 hour Muslim prayer session before the Friday night slate.

Not only are they, yet again, they are doing it with radical Islamists.

Not only did the Dems set up this prayer session, they rebuffed a request by Cardinal Timothy Dolan to do a  prayer at the convention.

Cardinal sin: Bam blew off DNC blessing


This move is likely political in that it is payback for the lawsuit Catholics, including Dolan, have filed against the administration over the mandatory birth control ruling.

It is also stupid considering Dolan is appearing at the RNC and Paul Ryan is a Catholic.

Just keep telling yourself, 5 more months and he's gone.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama Pays Tribute To Himself Neil Armstrong

Some blogs write themselves.

Below is The One's tribute to the late Neil Armstrong. 

Will the narcissism never end? 

Oh wait, yes it will. 

In November. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here We Go Again

One of my arguments against the push to legalize gay marriage is that we don't know where it will stop. What "rights" will we be protecting next. I may have an answer.

Asexuals – the fourth sexual orientation


There appears to be a small movement to have this group recognized with one researcher even suggesting they be afforded protection.

"We want asexuality to be recognised as a valid sexual orientation, rather than a disorder or something people have to hide." 

So companies will now have to hire a certain percentage of asexual employees. Schools will not be able to discriminate against the sexless. Political campaigns will scramble over themselves to have at last a couple of asexual staff members on staff just to show they are inclusive. Finally, we will have to ask all visitors to the hospital if they have sex out of fear of not allowing an asexual person to visit their, um, partner?

It's going to be confusing.

Read the article, it's short but entertaining. While reading it I thought that it was like something straight out of The Onion but they are clearly serious.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did Some On The Right Sucker Obama?

Joe Biden has been making a real ass of himself lately. Noting new but he dos seem to be overdosing on the stupid pills lately.

He has been saying things that, even by his own previously established ridiculously low standards, have been idiotic.

It has become apparent that he is an embarrassment to the Obama administration.

It has also become apparent that he has become a liability in a year when the election is going to be close and depend on success in a few close swing states.

This has become even more apparent since Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Paul Ryan is the guy that has it together. He is smart, personable, crowd pleasing, and hand fishes for catfish.

Biden is the crazy uncle that you have over only at Thanksgiving. He comes and sits in the front room and makes everyone uncomfortable with his loony rantings and talk that is not appropriate for a family gathering. Everyone knows he's like this but they know he's crazy and they have simply suffered through the family gatherings over the years, relieved when his wife finally takes him home.

Anyone who does not believe that the Obama campaign was not making plans, or at least exploring the possibility of, dumping this nutbag is just as crazy themselves. The talk may not have gotten very far and not likely too far outside the President''s inner circle but you know it was there.

It does have to be noted that Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton met this morning at the White House. This is  significant in that Clinton is the target of the talk as to who would replace Biden on the ballot.

In comes Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani, etc.

They, and several others on the right, were openly speculating about and/or openly calling for Obama to dump Biden.

I was a little puzzled by this because it was not very self-serving. An Obama/Biden ticket would be far easier to beat than an Obama/Clinton ticket. Biden is an albatross where Clinton could be small advantage. I am not convinced Clinton would be a guarantee for a win. Basically, I see Biden as a bigger liability than I see Clinton as an asset.

So, why were so many on the right pushing Obama to drop Biden? Did they head Obama off at the pass?

Is it possible that having so many on the right calling for Obama to drop Biden was the one thing that made it impossible for him to do it? If he had dropped Biden after calls from the right to do so would Obama look weak? Would it just serve to highlight to the country that bringing Biden into begin with, and making excuses for him for 3 years, was a huge mistake? Did it keep Obama from pulling the old "Biden is too sick to run again" bit?

Finally, I could not help but notice that the calls from the right seemed...coordinated? It seems funny that after a long career of idiocy by Biden that so many on the right all of a sudden wanted him gone. Maybe the right is taking a cue from the left and getting on the same page?

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Will Tampa Burn This Month?

I am genuinely fearing for the safety of the people of Tampa.

 As everyone knows, the RNC convention is in Tampa later this month. I am sincerely afraid that the city will burn. Look at some of these points.

 -The professional anarchy folks have been quite. Last year we had the Occupy idiots all over the country.

No one is around this year but you still hear bits from them. I believe they are lying in wait for the convention.

-The Occupy nuts have been given a green light by the Obama administration

Revealed: Emails show Obama administration told police to 'stand down' and not arrest Occupy protesters

Read the article

-The Democrats have been getting nasty, with no apologies.

 Look at Biden's recent "They're going to put y'all back in chains" insane rant and the refusal by the campaign to back off the remarks.

 Recall the 'cancer' commercial and yet another refusal to disavow a commercial that even people on the left are squeamish about.

 -Remember the hatred and bigotry on display by the left over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

 -Go back to the beginning and the refusal by the Obama Justice Department to prosecute the New Black Panthers for ethnic intimidation.

 -Now, check this out:


Michelle Williams, New Black Panthers chief of staff threatens the upcoming RNC convention in Tampa FL  


If this were a country of laws anymore, and our Secret Service wasn't a bunch of whoring morons, this crazy racist bitch would be in jail right now.

To the people of Tampa, keep the fire extinguishers handy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

First, I should probably explain my absence. It has been a couple of busy months. I have had a 50th anniversary party for my parents, my sons high school graduation and open house, and I changed jobs. I could use any of the above as an excuse but it would not be honest.

To be quite frank, I got a little burnt out. I simply needed a break. This wasn't something that happened quickly. This is why I didn't post an "I'm taking a break for awhile" post. I did get busy and slowed down my posting. I realized one day I had not been doing it much. Then I realize I did not care.

I have missed talking to the friends I have made through this blog and have though of you often. I feel as if I am a little more energized now and will be back around.

Enough nonsense about me.

This article was enough to draw me back in

Biden Invokes Paul Ryan's Deceased Father to Question VP Candidate's Values

And I'm glad to see that Congressman Ryan likes his dad, too, and quotes his dad. I mean that sincerely. But my dad [had] a lot of wisdom.

Paul Ryan's father died when he was 15 years old. 

I know we have made a lot about Biden's gaffes and we will be here again. the man is complete and total idiot. One can only hope Obama does not figure this out before the election because Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. 

I wonder if there is a little something more here though. I wonder if part of the problem is that he is just a complete and total ass. I suspect part of the issue with him saying stuff like this is that he simply doesn't care. 

There have been articles lately about a forthcoming book that makes the claim that Obama hates Romney. Not just as a competitor but genuinely hates him. I have often gotten the impression that Biden seems like a jerk.

We have talked about the arrogance of both of these men, Biden and Obama, Is it too far-fetched that they really are nothing more than small, hateful men at the core? 

Maybe Biden's gaffes, such as this one about Ryan, aren't as humorous as we think.